Apartment, 120 sqm

Bright open concept kitchen & living room for our project "Asyl-Tash".

The main requirements from the client were clean, minimalistic interior with light walls.

Location | Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

The main role of the spaces between the kitchen and the living room plays the bar counter with minimalist pendant lights.

The light sofa perfectly complements the stylish plastic coffee table and the trendy floor lamp.

You can see that in this project we abandoned ceiling lights in favor of recessed ones, focusing our attention on an interesting sofa composition.

We decided to repaint clients old piano in grey, in this way it becomes a wonderful decor for this living room.

Our customers wanted a light, simple and modern design that they would not get tired of.
We've chosen large format slab from the Tubadzin Group for this bathroom.
It's a pink slab measuring 2398x1198 from the Cielo E Terra collection and Monolit Tubadzin.

Design by Catherine Amato & Stanislav Tsoy

Visualization by Catherine Amato

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